Maltha Groep BV is a leading processor of packaging and flat glass in Europe. Each year they process almost 1,5 million tonnes of glass waste from companies, citizens and municipalities into high-quality new raw materials for use in making new products. Maltha’s history stretches back more than 90 years. From a local player in the Dutch town of Schiedam, Maltha grew to become one of Europe’s leading glass recyclers: today Maltha is active with 8 specialised processing locations in five European countries (The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal and Hungary).

To collect the glass, Maltha works together closely with collection companies and recycling schemes throughout Europe. The collected glass is purified at Maltha, using advanced methods and reprocessed into various types of glass cullet that fully correspond to the specifications of the customers in the glass and glass wool industry. Maltha is also closely involved in the development of many innovation projects. Maltha Groep BV is the company management office and will bring expertise in engineering & design, project management, networking and dissemination.

Bianca Lambrechts

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