Although the quality of the collected sheet glass waste by VRN in the Netherlands is already good, we created ORCIV, this was created in order to motivate the public collection points of VRN to improve and assure the quality of the collected sheet glass waste even more.

VRN has created an certification, ORCIV and the purpose for this is to have the public collection points of VRN certified. We did this in order to have the quality of the collected sheet glass waste even more improved and controlled. ORCIV stands for Independent Certification Registry Collection point VRN. As a foundation VRN finds sustainability very important. Companies also give nowadays more importance to sustainability within their own companies. Through ORCIV, a company can demonstrate that it participates in the sustainable waste management system of flat glass Recycling Netherlands and that it is doing well with (flat glass) waste management. Flat glass Recycling Netherlands wants to guarantee that a certified collection point ensures that visitors and employees of this flat-glass waste collection point will have safe conditions to deposit the flat glass waste as also improving the quality of the flat glass waste complies with the stipulated standards. Annually VRN carry out random audits. The audits, as also the emission of the certification, are done by an independent auditor office outside VRN. We offer all our public collection points, the possibility of having their the company certified. Participation is, of course, on a voluntary basis. On VRN website the certified collection points will be marked with a green flag on the map where all public collection points are indicated as well.